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To book an Elevation H class contact - INFO@ELEVATIONH.COM

Below is a list of private and open (ticketed) Elevation H classes.

PLEASE NOTE: Space in these classes is very limited. Admission to these classes is available through ticket purchase ONLY contact info@elevationh.com for details.

2018 Classes.

7th-9th January - Atlanta GA
14th-16th January - Portland OR
21st-24th January - Austin TX
25th January - Las Vegas NV
27th-30th - ISSE Long Beach CA
4th-7th February - Boston MA
11th-13th February - Reno NV
18th -20th - February - Sarasota FL
25th - 27th February - Philadelphia PA
4th-6th March - New York NY
11th-13th March - Wichita KS
18th-20th March - Minnesota
24th-31st March - Honolulu HI
8th - 10th April - Kansas KS
15th-17th April - Scottsdale AZ
22nd-23rd April - Riverside CA
28th-30th April - Chicago IL
6th-9th May - Pensacola FL
13th-15th May - Dallas TX

We look forward to learning with you.