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The Exclusive Elevation H School Partnership Program.

Elevation H has developed A Cutting and Coloring program that is very easily integrated into your school, with specifically designed materials such as Technical Manuals, workbooks and Technical videos it ensures a consistent way to deliver information to guarantee that every graduating student receives the same level of education.

The program also comes with teacher training again this ensures CONSISTENCY between all teaching staff so they are speaking the same language, delivering the same information in the same way to all students.

Elevation H curriculum design will again give your school a very clear and consise way of teaching, our team develops a day to day, hour by hour curriculum for your school, shows your team how to lecture, demo and run a hands on work session.

The program is designed help your school grow, in reputation, enrollment, staff and level of education.

Benefits of being an Elevation H School partner are as follows -

Services include:

- Cutting and/or coloring classes

- Custom Curriculum design

- Elevation H exclusive Manuals and Workbooks

- Seminars and workshop classes taught by our experienced team

- School imagery and promotional materials

- Training/technical videos

- Teacher training

- Personalized consultancy/business development / support team