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Are you a cosmetology school owner or educator? Do you need help ensuring your team delivers consistent information? How about a way to streamline training new and seasoned team members to perform at the same expert level? Do you want to be confident that your students are graduating salon-ready? Do you want to grow your reputation as a five-star cosmetology school in your area?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need the Elevation H School Partnership Program.

The goal of the Elevation H School Partnership Program is for every member of the Elevation H family to consistently perform at the highest level of technical perfection. We want your students graduating salon-ready, and for you to be confident knowing that Elevation H is here to help you reach the high standards we know you already place on yourself and your business.

Included in the program are:
  • Custom tailored day by day curriculum design
  • Consistent language and delivery of information
  • Online/social media help
  • Teacher training books and videos
  • Technical videos
  • Easily-integrated full support team
  • Cut and coloring manuals and workbooks
  • Assurance that your students are graduating salon-ready
  • Complimentary annual school visit

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We look forward to learning with you!