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Elevation H offers a range of services for Salons through our Salon Associates Program.

The Elevation H Salon Associate program is designed for salons that deliver education to new employees, current team or offer an apprenticeship program.

Our team has developed teaching materials such as Cut and Color Technical manuals, work books and Technical Videos to help your team get working behind the chair as quickly as possible with an existing client base and the confidence to grow and approach any client that walks through the door.
The program comes with full curriculum design and allows you to concentrate on your business whilst the program educates and grows your team.

Our team can help develop your current salon business and help develop a school business to make your salon the place to work and be educated.

As a salon owner the hardest thing to do is ensure every team member works to your standards to protect and grow your reputation, the Elevation H cutting and coloring programs helps solve that issue with a very consistent way to teach and train your team.

The program comes with teacher training videos this installs confidence, builds strength and consistency through a teaching team.

Below are more benefits of being an Elevation H Salon Associate

Services Include -

- Cutting and/or coloring classes

- In salon training program (including curriculum design)

- Elevation H exclusive Manuals and Workbooks

- Seminars and workshop classes taught by our experienced team

- Salon imagery and promotional materials

- Training/technical videos

- Teacher Training

- Personalized consultancy / Salon and School business development