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Cole Thompson - International Creative Director, and founder Elevation H

Cole is originally from Manchester England and has been active in the hair industry since the year 2000.

Cole started his career in independent salons around the Manchester area before beginning work for Vidal Sassoon in 2003, where he quickly became one of Vidal Sassoon’s youngest “Creative Directors”. During his 12 years at Vidal Sassoon, Cole gained tremendous respect in the industry while working closely with many schools in their “School Connection” program. He has traveled the world to educate professionals at all levels on hair cutting technique in both seminar and classroom settings. He also became an expert consultant as he developed programs to help clients grow and improve school curriculums, business and salon management and structure, client growth, assistant training programs, and more.

Cole has also worked on developing collections, has directed and run photo shoots, and, has even appeared in a Vidal Sassoon TV commercial as a "Salon Genius."

Cole left Vidal Sassoon in 2015 to continue spreading his expansive knowledge to hair professionals of all levels all around the world, this time through Elevation H - the art, technique, ad business of hair. Cole’s passion for educating is evident in his work, as he continues to help others strive for excellence in all areas of the industry. Cole is also an expert in building Salon and School businesses, from social media, improving client count, raising prices, enrollment and tuition and how to run an efficient business. For all of your salon, school or personal goals Cole can help.

Kenny Reed - Color Director, Elevation H

Kenny started his career at Vidal Sassoon Academy. After completing training he spent years building a clientele at Sassoon Salon in Beverly Hills. After years of service in the salon he continued his work at Sassoon Academy, traveling the world to work on educational films, shoots, shows and seminars.

Kenny's approach to hair color is to maintain its natural integrity. Kenny finds his main inspiration in each individual client, adjusting his application to suit both personality and lifestyle needs. He makes hair coloring an art by being an expert on suitability, and complements each individual's unique features, skin tone, and eye color. In order to direct the best results of his work, Kenny focuses on educating how to maintain optimal health and quality in the hair. Kenny executes each look with the highest level of technical precision.

Kenny's goal is to create the "ultimate expression of you."

Paul Thompson - UK Creative Director.

Paul Thompson has been passionately active in the hair industry for almost twenty years. A native of Manchester England, he started out working behind the chair. Because of his high skill level and consistent customer satisfaction, Paul’s popularity grew to such a high level that he was quickly able to transition into salon ownership. He is now the proud owner of two successful English salons, continues to work behind the chair, and has plans to continue expanding his brand. Paul’s two decades of experience have made him a master at customer relations, and an expert in what it takes to grow a successful business from scratch.Paul knows the importance of consistent education within a salon and that a salon is only as good as the skill level and professionalism of its stylists. Paul is an educator for Elevation H and teaches classes all over the world.


Christiano Lanza - International Color Expert

A world renowned international educator and session stylist , Christiano has a unique vision for hair coloring and often combines colors and shades that create innovative and inspirational results. Christiano provides education around the world and is always in demand to provide coloring for shows, shoots and seminars

In 2001 Christiano joined Vidal Sassoon where his talents saw him win many creative and assessors awards culminating in him achieving the role of Color Director. While much of his time was spent teaching at the London academies, Christiano also represented Sassoon at international shows and seminars as well as working the creation of many collections and technical publications.

Since 2011 Christiano has worked along side many leading manufactures to provide education and technical support. His innovative thinking and unique philosophy is at the forefront of his modern education ethos. A renowned communicator, he is in demand for educational events and in-salon training.

Christiano Lanza is an engaging and passionate educator with expert knowledge and an innate understanding of student needs and motivations.

Richard Mannah - Global Educator, Cutting / Styling expert

Richard was Awarded “London Hairdresser of the Year 2011/2012”by the British Hairdressing Awards, the highest accolade a hairdresser can achieve, Richard Mannah, esteemed International Artistic Director for label.m has a wealth of over 20 years industry experience. Richard’s extensive international work has earned him a place among the superstars in the industry. A key member of the session team, and regarded as one of the world’s leading long hair specialists, Richard works major fashion events; traveling the world to head
shows for both the A/W and S/S seasons at New York and London Fashion Week.

Richard has collaborated with esteemed London designers Giles Deacon, Todd Lynn, Vivienne Westwood and renowned Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan, and rising fashion superstar Daniel Silverstain. Richard’s world-renowned work has been published in leading publications including British Vogue, Elle, Company, Grazia, Creative Head and The Journal . He continues to be a key contributor on all major brand
campaigns and photo shoots for label.m and TONI&GUY London.

Richard, a member of the renowned Australian F.A.M.E. Team for the Fellowship for British Hairdressing, has been recognized for his high caliber of hairdressing, taking the title ‘Newcomer of the Year’ twice, in 1999 and 2000. Also awarded the very prestigious accolade of ‘Australian Master’ at the 2009 Australian Hair Fashion Awards, this master stylist is now setting the New York Fashion scene ablaze with
his presence onstage and backstage at top hair and fashion events.

Richard began his career with TONI&GUY Australia and was based at the renowned flagship TONI&GUY London Academy for 11 years, where he managed the Academy for three years before his move to New York City. Particularly known for his impeccable on-stage work, he remains a popular global request for industry shows and seminars representing different brands all over the world.

Richard Mannah is a world-class, ground-breaking educator across all courses. With his charismatic personality, creative ability and enthusiastic teaching style, he consistently provides an abundance of inspiration to both aspiring and experienced talent. Looking ahead, Richard Mannah and his amazing team will continue to innovate, continue to educate, and continue to push the envelope. Richard’s goals
are twofold: To inspire professionals and to elevate the haircare industry as a whole.