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Below are a few testimonials from recent Elevation H independent students and Salon / School owners from both the Salon Associate and School Partnership Program -

"Fantastic work session with our team. Everyone is raving about you and your approach to education. Your delivery of your information and techniques were not overwhelming They are asking when are you coming out again. Thank you so much for a fun, creative and extremely enjoyable 2 day work session...see you soon"

Yellow Strawberry - Sarasota FL

" Making the decision to become a Elevation H Associate was one of the best thing I could of said yes to for The Studio O.

Staying true to our level of customer service and education I was looking for a program that would represent our culture and elevate us to the next level. True to Name and form Elevation H delivers high quality product with extraordinary results.

This company has created a way to make learning easy and direct. Our team now have a culture were sharing information and ideas are fun and helpful.

Quickly after our first lesson I notice an excitement for expressing hairdressing in the salon with each other and clients and of course the results are flawless.

Thanks Elevation H for making a program that's inspiring and truly easy to teach/learn.

The Studio O Owner

Oscar Vasquez

'Cole is an absolute genius. His teaching talent and skills are absolutely top tier. I took so much away from his 1 on 1 classes. He set me up for success as both a Salon Owner and Educator'

It was such a pleasure meeting Cole and taking his class. I have to say the atmosphere Elevation H created was unlike any other cutting class I've been in. Your ability to simplify YEARS of complicated cutting techniques was refreshing and your analogies were easy to understand. I appreciate so much that you brought confidence with encouragement not allowing any ego to overshadow your massive skills. You really let your students shine. It was the most comfortable I have EVER been in any class( and I've been in alot!) it is a gift that FEW obtain so thank you for everything. Looking forward to our next class.
Kellie Gafford
Grow Salon at Studio 5
Brandon Fl

"The Salon Associate Program has truly Elevated my business, my team are high in confidence. Client retention is up the flow and culture in the salon makes it an amazing place to be for staff and guests. The support given from the Elevation H team is amazing anything we need they are there"

"Cole provided me with an understanding of advanced haircutting I can honestly say I have never received before in my many years of past education. It was an absolutely brilliant class!"

Citro Salon.

"Amazingly informative class. Brought to light allot of useful tools and methods to incorporate into my work."

"The workshop was tailored to each stylists specific needs, from new stylists with little experience to those with many years behind the chair. What ever our goal was with the class, it was accomplished. We collectively agreed that it was a very valuable and inspiring week end. Cole has a way of explaining that is easily understood, as well as, adding a bit of humor and light heartedness."

" I have been a member of the Salon Associate Program for about one year now and the difference in my business is night and day, my team are happier and more confident and in return I am happier and more confident in them. The customer support and service is on point, the program is so streamline and easy to integrate in to your salon"

"Loved the class! Very engaging! Loved Cole! My cuts have been clean precise.. He just gave me new inspiration I was needing "

"This class was incredible! It's honestly changed the way I do hair. Best class I've ever taken. A ton of "aha" moments. Tension was a big one for me to achieve different results, right along with head position. Thanks again Cole."

"easy to learn and retain, the best class I have ever taken my team use so much of the class in everyday situations, we would recommend this to anyone wanting to grow confidence, team spirit, ability, confidence and your business"

" Elevation H has the best education team in the world"

"Very inspiring and everyone loved the class and we're looking forward to next class in 2017!"

"A multi day class would be the best ever! Very good class. "

"Cole is an incredible educator with a wealth of knowledge of the craft. We seldom come across this scholarly approach to haircutting. Thank you!"

"I was worried about doing a Skype class!!! But really it felt like Cole was in the room with me. He explains everything very clear and is very patient."